Interiorworx | Ridgeview

Founded in 1987, Phoenix-based Aspire Design marketed and installed flooring, countertops, cabinets, lighting, and other interior finishes for homeowners, general contractors, and specialty builders.


In 2015, Ridgeview acquired Aspire Design and with its management created the brand InteriorWorx. From 2015 through 2020, InteriorWorx acquired or created eight synergistic partner companies to provide products and services related to interior finishes and landscaping for residential and commercial builders in the Intermountain West.


InteriorWorx has improved builder productivity and buyer/tenant satisfaction through its offerings to commercial and residential builders, architects, and designers. Earnings for the business have significantly increased, creating significant value for Ridgeview and the original owners, who still hold significant roles within InteriorWorx. Members of the management team who worked for predecessor companies also received incentive ownership in InteriorWorx—a benefit they did not have previously—and their personal net worth has also grown.

“Our partnership with Ridgeview gave us the opportunity to transform a successful, Phoenix business into a specialty product and service supplier for mid-size homebuilders and major commercial contractors in Utah, Idaho, and Arizona. Ridgeview’s investment was essential to our growth, but what sets them apart is breadth of experience, fairness, and spirit of collaboration.”

– Steve Shuler